As today's entertainment industry continues to besiege our eyes and ears with an endless glut of glossily over-produced music video and a ceaseless onslaught of manufactured pop "idols," JamCam Chronicles has but one purpose; to provide the improvisational music enthusiast with a grass-roots, scene-friendly, long-overdue, audio-visual alternative. Hosted by actual summer music festival attendees and featuring live festival performances by both "main" and "second-stage" acts, fans and bands share the spotlight in this first of its kind DVD subscription series. And, JamCam Chronicles' Behind the "Scene" segments afford non-profit organizations, concert poster artists, set list archivists and the like, a mutual level of recognition. The antithesis of MTV/TRL in-your-face present-day commercialism, JamCam Chronicles is proud to serve a community hungry for change and deserving of a more substantive form of "music television."

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