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9/06/04 Hookahville History!
That's Right. Fall Hookahville 2004 has been shot, canned, prepped for edit, and is destined for "classic" status in JamCam's inaugural season's historical archives. The DVD will feature no less than five song performances from Ekoostik Hookah themselves (after all, it is their festival!) including one accompanied by guitar legend Dickey Betts! Sandwiched amidst a hefty helping of Hookah, will be incredible performances by none other than Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors, Hayseed Dixie, The Stringtown Pickers and Brando's Bluegrass Band. Behind the "Scene" features will include looks at the traditional "Bugs in Your Teeth" motorcycle ride to Hookahville, Hookah Fans for Food, and a hysterical golf-cart tour of the grounds with members of the band. Tagged for late November/early December shipment, the Hookahville DVD will drop just in time to make the perfect holiday gift for any "jam fan." Pre-Order now!