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While on the road, the JamCam Chronicles staff will be on the constant lookout for enthusiastic festival attendees to "host" the show. Fans will introduce live performance segments, on-site artists will introduce off-site artist profiles, non-profit reps will introduce "Behind the Scene" charity features, and so on. Just look for the JamCam crew (they're the guys with the cameras and the JamCam T-shirts) and speak up. We'll try to get as many volunteers involved as we possibly can.

If you, your band, or your organization would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of JamCam Chronicles, feel free to contact our staff, and we'll see what we can do.


The Fans
With virtually no option to see "their" bands on any sort of regular basis, the "jam fan" fan can now stake claim to JamCam Chronicles! Over a six-edition season, subscribers will have a chance to check out live performances by more than 60 unique bands & performers, many of which they most likely would never otherwise see. Subscribers will also enjoy our Behind the "Scene" features and have an opportunity to learn more about scene-rooted non-profit organizations for which they may choose to volunteer their services or make a donation. We've also decided to invite actual festival attendees to be our hosts, providing opportunity for all to feel "part of the show!"

The Bands
JamCam Chronicles is the perfect forum for which musicians can catch the attention of the live music addict and entice them into further exploration. The series also gives bands a chance to "give back" to that same loyal and ever-supportive audience, deserving of some sort of regular audio-visual source through which they can "discover" new talent and see some favorites. Remember--fans of pop, metal, rap, country, etc. have their MTVs and they're CMTs…the "jam fan" has NOTHING! Our goal to increase exposure for dozens of non-profit organizations and scene-rooted artists, grass-roots festival promoters and the community in general will also be boosted by each band's choice to "volunteer" their performance.

The Festival(s)
JamCam Chronicles offers widespread exposure opportunities for each of its host festivals. There's no better way to begin promoting next year's event than by offering them a glimpse of this year's. And, each month as we take an in-depth look at our featured festival, the support they provide to on-site vendors, non-profit organizations and the community as a whole will be prominently displayed.

Non-Profit and Charity Organizations
Each month, JamCam Chronicles features at least one non-profit or charity organization as one of our three "Behind the Scene" segments, providing an invaluable forum by which to create awareness amongst a large subscriber base of good-hearted people. We are also setting aside a pre-determined percentage of our annual net profits to be donated to our featured charity organizations.

Other Behind the "Scene" Feature Participants
Everyone from concert poster artists and hemp clothiers to lighting technicians and set list archivists will find their place in front of the JamCam, allowing them a chance to showcase their talents and express their own support for the scene and the community at large.

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